QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector)/Facade Inspector

New York, United States

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Our team consists of enthusiastic, creative and dedicated self-managed individuals with professional and positive mindsets creating a fun and productive working environment with open communication and team collaboration.

Objective: Visits construction sites to review work in progress, inspect materials, and check the method of installation. Assist with management, and growth, of our services related to the Façade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP). Consult on existing facade design for enhancement or maintenance type projects: forensic review and analysis, Bid Document and repair detail preparation, direct Bidding Phase, and Construction Administration. Well versed in exterior wall construction. Review drawings and submissions for conformance with project requirements. Report of all Field Inspection observations should be done in a timely manner, same day or day after, and provide quality and clarity to all end users to allow them to rectify any non-conformance expeditiously.

Key Responsibilities:
Conduct critical examinations, maintain records and file FISP (LL11) reports in accordance with the 1 RCNY§103-04, and Article 302 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code, in the following manner:

- Obtain from Owner of Facade safety unit, and carefully review, the most recent FISP report and any available previous reports, or construction documents associated with the building envelope repairs
- Design an inspection program for the specific building to be inspected, which must include, but not be limited to the methods to be employed in the  examination. The inspection program shall be based on the considerations of the type of construction of the building’s envelope, age of the material components, the façade’s specific exposure to environmental conditions and the presence of specific details and appurtenances. Consideration shall be given to the façade’s history of maintenance and repairs as described in previous reports and submittals to the Department.
- Physical examinations from scaffolding or other observation platform (“close-up inspections”) must be performed at intervals of not more than 60’-0”. All physical examinations shall occur along a path from grade to top of an exterior wall fronting each public right-of-way, using at least one scaffold drop or other observation platform configuration, including all exterior wall setbacks. Determine the most deleterious locations and perform physical examinations at those locations.
- Identify equipment applicable for the project closeup inspections, and arrange contractor bids for scaffold or other observation platforms or methods of inspection as deemed appropriate
- The known history of the building, the nature of the materials used and the conditions observed will dictate the extent of the critical examination. Apply a professional standard of care to assess the building’s condition and the individual building systems that comprise the facades, including splitting or fracturing of terra cotta on buildings, cracking of masonry and brick work in brick faced buildings, mortar and other joint materials, loosening or corrosion of metal anchors and supports, water entry or flow within cavities, mineral build-up, coping materials, movement of lintel/shelf angles, and must ascertain the cause of these and such other conditions detected.
- Order any special or additional inspections and/or tests, including sounding procedures, that may be required to support investigations and to determine the causes of any defects.
- Starting with the current cycle, probes must be performed on all cavity wall construction, and, at a minimum, during every subsequent odd- numbered cycle. Determine the location of the probes, which shall be in areas not previously renovated. At a minimum, a single probe must be completed along each required close-up inspection interval. Ensure that the number and size of the probes are sufficient to report the presence, condition, and spacing of wall ties. Probes may be excepted pursuant to 1 RCNY§103-04, Chapter 100, section C,2 (v).
- Photographs must be taken and/or sketches made during the critical examination to properly document the location of all conditions observed that are either unsafe or SWARMP.
- Upon discovery of any unsafe condition, immediately notify the building owner, and Façade Safety Unit 
- Identify the location of any unsafe condition, advise the owner on the appropriate protective measures to be taken, and include the recommended type and location of public protection in the notification to the Department.
- Completion of a critical examination means that the QEWI has conducted a final physical inspection to determine that the building conditions as described in the report are consistent with the actual conditions.
- Create and file with the Façade Safety Unit (using DOBNOW) a written report describing the result of the critical examination, clearly documenting all conditions noted during the inspection and stating that the inspection was performed and completed in accordance with the applicable rules and codes.
- The report must include an executive overview that consists of a summary of findings and recommendations, a concise statement of the scope of the inspection and findings, the conclusions and recommendations and a determination as to whether the building is categorized as “safe,” “SWARMP,” or “unsafe.” and all data pursuant to 1 RCNY§103-04, Chapter 100. Upon completion, submit a copy of the report to the owner of the building.

In addition to Façade inspections and report preparation pursuant to 1 RCNY§103-04, Chapter 100, QEWI responsibilities also include, but are not limited to:

- Initial meetings with owners to identify and discuss any problematic, unsafe or SWARMP areas located at the building envelope, prior to reporting them to Façade Safety Unit
- Create and file Extension of time requests with Façade Safety Unit
- Create and file Amended reports with Façade Safety Unit
- On Owner’s behalf, coordinate Bidding for equipment installation required for FISP close-up inspections 
- Identify and assess the building envelope repair scope of work associated with the project; set budgets and coordinate with sales team to generate estimates and contracts
- Identify codes and accordingly perform research and analysis, to provide code compliant design solutions for various building envelope repairs
- Create the strategy for the required envelope repair program that first and foremost is meeting all laws and regulatory constraints, and the Owner financial objectives
- Assign project team members and work closely with drafting/modeling/production team, and expediting team members for timely manner execution of project
- Project Progress Client consultations- provide Clients with updates on biweekly basis, and when required meet with clients to discuss project progress, or to clear up any concerns that may arise during the design or construction process
- Project Progress Team consultations – schedule team member review meetings to obtain progress updates and to assure timely manner delivery of construction documents
- Manage both time schedules, and project budgets to ensure project profitability
- Review and approve project team timesheets
- Proactive ‘’potential issues and problem ‘’ identification and resolution; Perform independent, in-depth investigations of specific problems including architectural/engineering analysis and recommendations
- Prepare material specification documents; Develop and maintain project manual for certain projects
- Perform bidding phase professional and administrative services; Finalize and assemble Bid documents; Schedule Prebid walk thru, perform comprehensive bid comparison, request revised bids, when applicable, and provide final recommendations to the Owners
- Create Progress inspection schedule associated with the project scope, schedule and attend preconstruction meeting with all contractors and subcontractors, inform them of required inspections, and other construction phase requirements
- Perform periodic site visits to projects under construction to monitor the quality of design and construction work performed, and verify quantities
- Progress Inspection reports writing and communication with owner, contractor, subcontractors, and other consultants involved in the project
- Project Material Submittals, Requisitions, Change Orders review and approvals
- Develop and maintain all Construction administration documentation pursuant to AIA regulations
- Identify both Contractor’s and Node’ s additional scope of work, and coordinate with client and sales team when applicable
- Work closely and communicate with Principle Architect, and Sales Team on new projects and sales opportunities

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of disability. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Job Type: This is full-time position offering a salary and benefit package competitively paced within the local market, including medical, disability, paid time off, paid holidays, commuter benefits, continued education reimbursement, exceptional indoor office air quality and more.

Required Experience:
• Bachelors or Master’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, or Architecture).
• 3-5 years of experience in façade and roofing consulting
• Strong working knowledge of Revit software and drafting standards a plus
• Knowledge of New York City Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) requirements
• Knowledge of New York City building and energy codes
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills, experience with Office 365 and SharePoint Plus, Odoo a plus

Work authorization:
• United States (Required)
Additional Compensation:
• Bonuses
• Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations: All interviews, work and meetings will be conducted online remotely (via Zoom).