F.I.S.P. - New Cycle 9 Requirements

What are the new Facade Inspection Safety Program inspection requirements?

This year has brought on many changes within New York City.  One of those changes was the implementation of additional security and inspection rules for Local Law 11 Cycle 9.  The tragic death of an architect late last year catapulted further requirements.  Due to Covid-19 being the center of discussion, these changes may have been overlooked.  Please see below for a quick understanding how you, a property manager, need to understand as this cycle differs than those of the past.

  • Building owners must post and maintain a facades condition certificate the building lobby (similar to an elevator certificate) to alert building occupants of the status of the exterior envelop walls.

  • Hands-on inspections are required every 60 feet along the facades facing streets and public access ways (includes public streets, avenues, sidewalks, roadways and other public right of ways).

  • Investigative probes are also required along every 60 foot interval of cavity wall facades for every odd/other cycle beginning with Cycle 9 to check for the condition and presence of wall ties. (ex. next is Cycle 11, then Cycle 13, etc.)

  • All UNSAFE conditions must be corrected within 90 days from submission of the critical examination report.

The length of the building's public/street facing facades can significantly increase cost to conduct inspections as numerous additional drops may be required. Also, if the building is made of cavity wall construction, the required probes will also add to the inspection cost.  

Finally, the Department of Buildings has increased Civil Penalties related to FISP for Cycle 9 and those following. 

  • Late filing has increased from $250/month to $1,000/month.

  • Failure to file has increased from $1,000/year to $5,000/year following the closing date of the applicable filing window.

  • Failure to correct UNSAFE conditions will incur a civil penalty of $1,000/month unless an extension of time for repairs has been granted.