New D.O.B. Rules: Be In The Know!

The D.O.B. Is Cracking Down

FISP - Revising Rule 103-04 - UPDATED

The Cycle 9 Inspection Cycle, beginning with Subcycle 9A, Opens on February 21, 2020, and the DOB is in the process of revising Rule 103-04. Since they are in the process of amending the rules, consider these Proposed changes.  They should be used for Planning Purposes only.

  1. Facade examinations will have to be more comprehensive and detailed with increased descriptions of observations and additional photographic evidence of inspections.  Physical inspection requirements are also increasing. 

  2. Instead of single scaffold drop on the street facade, they may require drops at intervals not to exceed 60 linear feet on each exterior wall that faces the street.  This includes other "public right-of-way" and egress easements.

  3. Including this cycle, all cycles thereafter will have a larger focus on cavity walls.

  4. A single probe per location of each physical inspection will be required at a minimum. There will need to be adequate numbers of probes to determine spacing of wall ties, condition and presence.

  5. Were you labeled UNSAFE?  Extension requirements will be stiff and limited, followed by higher proposed penalties.

  6. QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors) will now need 3, not 1, years of relevant experience for buildings over 6 stories.  Detailed resumes and proof of relevant knowledge of NYC building codes and facade rules will be an additional requirement.

  7. Finally, similar to elevator certificates, building owners must post and maintain the facade condition certificate in the lobby.

New 2020 Rules

 Two Important Changes Include :

  1. Probes: Starting with the 9th cycle, probes must be performed on all cavity wall construction, and, at a minimum, during every subsequent odd-numbered cycle. The QEWI shall determine the location of the probes, which shall be in areas not previously renovated. At a minimum, a single probe must be completed along each required close-up inspection interval.The QEWI must ensure that the number and size of the probes are sufficient to report the presence, condition, and spacing of wall ties.

  2. Facade Exams: Increase of closeup examinations, one per each 60LF fronting public right of way, see Table ->

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