Located in the Charlotte Gardens section of the Bronx, this new residential building is surrounded by Crotona Park and the Bronx Zoo to the North and waterfront parks Starlight Park and Concrete Plant Park on the Bronx River to the right. With a short commute on the M Train to Manhattan you will also pass Yankee Stadium for baseball season games.  

The green rooftop contains an outdoor kitchen accessible to all residents, and also services rain water harvesting by utilizing a "blue roof" retention system.  Solar array is provided to generate power, supplying energy used by the entire building’s common areas.  High performance triple glazed window walls provide ample light throughout each apartment, while ICFs, insulated concrete forms are used as a main structural component to create a durable, strong, yet highly energy efficient structure.  This project showcases our conscious focus on Sustainability, Passive House principles and contribution to the greening of our built environment.  

We created a four and a half story building that hosts 10 residential units with bicycle storage, an indoor recreational room and open green rooftop for all to share.  For residents the building offers variety of studios, micro units, growing in popularity throughout the metropolitan area, and one bedroom apartments on each floor.  A unique maisonette type duplex with private access and use of the rear garden is on the first floor, while fourth floor studios contain sleeping lofts creating a duplex look and feel.  Every unit is heated and cooled with its own heat pump VRF system and ventilated via central ventilation system that continuously supplies filtered fresh air to units while recovering embedded energy.